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My name is Tanya and I am from Bulgaria. I have had creative inclinations since I was very young. I worked as a dental technician, but now I am more interested in the fine jewelry work on various unique products. I am engaged in the production of original jewelry from metals, sculptural figures, processing of natural crystals and others. At the moment my focus is on the technique of the Ohrid filigree. Provides opportunities for fantasy and beauty. Each workmanship is unique and unrepeatable in itself.

I am inspired by symbols, ancient Greece, nature and traditional forms in jewelry. Silver brooches and inlaid river pearls in them, various artifacts in museums and astrology. The precious canvas are decoration and joy , also bring pleasure and inspiration, keep memories. Shining with artificial Swarovski gemstones, the canvases are even more unique.

Ohrid`s filigrane canvases

Lake Ohrid is located on the Balkan Peninsula on the border between Albania, Greece and Northern Macedonia. The silver filigree technique and the ethno motives from the national costumes of these peoples are expressed in the filigree paintings of tinsel. This are sold as souvenirs everywhere and are finely made unique paintings of gold and silver threads, decorated with crystals. They are used as an expensive special gift for various occasions and family celebrations.